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Do You Really Need a Watch Winder?

Some people think that an automatic watch winder is an essential tool for automatic mechanical watches. This tool gently winds an auto mechanical watch when in no use. It keeps the mainspring wound, allowing the timepiece keeps running. It also offers convenience. With a watch winder, you can securely and aesthetically display your auto watch collection. However, some people think that a watch winder is not necessary. So, do you really need one?

Is a Watch Winder Necessary?

According to the managing director at an independent watch repair shop in New York City, he stated that you actually do not need an automatic watch winder. He mentioned that temperature and age can cause the lubricants of the automatic watch to dry up, making the timepiece stop running. But a lack of use should not be a concern. Nowadays, modern synthetic watch oils do not coagulate just like other animal-based counterparts in the past.

So that while they will dissipate eventually along with time, regardless of whether the auto watch is running or not, you do not have to be worried about them damaging your valuable timepiece. Your precious auto watch will be just fine as long as you keep up with regular service intervals. It does not matter whether it spins in a watch winder or not. It would be a problem if you do not keep up with the regular service intervals.

Do You Need to Buy One?

You should not ignore the fact that automatic watches need to be regularly checked, especially for the compartments. You should not ignore the regular service intervals just because you are putting it in a watch winder. When you put an auto mechanical watch in a watch winder, the pivots and gears of the watch will constantly wind, causing wear and tear. – automatic watch winder.

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